Our Organization


The Famagusta District Transportation Organization (OSEA) was founded in 2009. It has signed a Concession Agreement for Public Passenger Transport Service with the contracting Authority, the Department of Road Transport of Cyprus, with the purpose of performing public passenger transport by buses. OSEA operates all bus routes within the non-occupied Famagusta District, including the communities of Xylofagou, Xylotymbou and Ormideia, as well as bus routes from the non-occupied Famagusta District to Larnaca and from Larnaca to the non-occupied Famagusta District.

The founding members of OSEA are physical persons and legal entities with many years of experience in the field of Public Passenger Transport in Famagusta District. The founding members of OSEA include PEAL Famagusta (based in Paralimni), EMAN Buses (based in Agia Napa) and other bus owners in the communities of Liopetri, Avgorou, Dasaki Achnas, Xylofagou, Ormideia and Xylotymbou.

OSEA currently employs more than 150 people (stationmasters, inspectors, routers, clerks, drivers, telephone operators, etc.). As this new system of public bus transport evolves, this number is expected to increase even more, thus establishing OSEA as a dynamic economic cell in Famagusta District.

OSEA has already started the complete renewal of its fleet with new modern buses that are accessible to people with disabilities and environmentally friendly, offering passengers high-quality services that include: free Wi-Fi internet connection, USB charging ports, multimedia and information system with 15” screens, pedestrian and cyclist protection system, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) that monitor the passenger compartment and bicycle racks.

Within the general effort of OSEA to establish this new effort in Public Transportation successfully, special emphasis is given to the constant upgrade of the services provided with the main aim being the best possible service to our passengers.

Acknowledging its responsibilities as a contacting company from the first day that the new system of Public Transport was launched on 5 July 2010, OSEA has embraced the vision of a new era in Public Transport and understands the social benefits that the success of this effort will have and it has set the full success of this effort as its main aim. High quality and efficient customer service is one of the main priorities of OSEA.

Some of the other main priorities of OSEA are:

* the increase of the number of people that commute with buses and the establishment of the bus as the most reliable and safe form of public transport,

* constant dedication to the best possible service and to the provision of updated information to all passengers, with special care for people with disabilities and mobility problems,

* the coverage with frequent bus routes of the entire region of the non-occupied Famagusta District and the communities of Xylofagou, Ormideia and Xylotymbou, as well as the expansion of route schedules especially during the summer months,

* the effective protection of our natural environment and the gradual alleviation of traffic congestion.

With this new system of Public Transport, passengers will have the opportunity to commute safely with our modern buses. They will also be able to enjoy a comfortable journey, while at the same time contributing to the decongestion of road traffic and to the big effort made to protect the environment. Most importantly though, passengers will have the chance to commute economically, thus reducing transportation expenses in their family budget.