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We are pleased to announce that from tomorrow 23/03/2022, the 31 new buses of OSEA will start operating their first routes!

The gradual renewal of our fleet, which was scheduled to take place between 2010-2020, but was delayed due to the financial crisis of 2013, is finally taking place!

This makes all of us at OSEA truly happy, enabling us to achieving one more of the main goals that we had set since the start of our operation in 2010, which is to provide to our District the improved public passenger transport services by bus that it truly deserves!

The 31 new buses of OSEA, with IRIZAR body (Spain) and MERCEDES engine (Germany), will be the new jewel on the streets of Famagusta District! They are large buses, 12 meters long with a wide main door. 20 of them are low-floor (model Irizar i3) and 11 are regional (model Irizar i4). They are equipped with a PRM model Masats K7 platform and have 51 seats. Also, they are accessible to people with disabilities with space for a wheelchair and with 2 PRM seats to ensure accessibility and fluidity for all passengers.

The comfortable interiors of both models are well lit and have high capacity personalized climate control systems, so that passengers and drivers alike can have a pleasant travel experience.

The buses have lumbar adjustment seat belts in all seats to improve passenger safety and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), pedestrian and cyclist protection, as well as Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) that monitor the passenger compartment.

They also include a multimedia and information system with 15” screens, free Wi-Fi and USB charging ports. Another outstanding aspect of these coaches is that they have racks for the transfer of bicycles

The adaptability and versatility of these vehicles offer a wide range of possibilities for comfort, safety, efficiency and connectivity.

By 2023, the second bus order is expected to be delivered which concerns the further renewal of the fleet of OSEA with another 21 buses (12 low-floor and 9 regional). 

The selection of the new buses was based on the safety of our employees and passengers!

Together we continue…