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On the occasion of the launch of the new ten year contract of OSEA with the government, which started on 1st November 2021 and lasts until 2031, we would like to thank you all warmly for the trust you have shown us all these years! 

Under adverse conditions, with the constant effort of the staff and shareholders / directors of OSEA, our goal from the beginning was to offer to the passengers of our District, but also to the thousands of tourists that visit our area every year, a quality upgraded, modern and efficient public transport system. 

Some of the key elements of the new contract that aim to the best possible service to our passengers are: 1) the renewal of our fleet with new modern buses with Wi-Fi, USB ports for charging electronic devices, bicycle racks, and wheelchair loading ramps, 2) the increase of kilometers, bus routes and journeys and 3) the improved electronic information on the real time of arrival of the bus. 

Regarding the renewal of our fleet, the first 31 buses have already arrived. These are large buses (20 are low-floor and 11 regional). By 2023, the second bus order is expected to be delivered - a further renewal of our fleet with another 21 buses (12 low-floor and 9 regional). The selection of the new buses was based on the safety of our employees and passengers! 

The increase of kilometers provided by the new contract, will result to the increase of the number but also the frequency of the bus routes that we operate within our area of ​​responsibility which is the non-occupied District of Famagusta and the communities of Xylofagou, Ormideia and Xylotympou. The bus routes we operate from / to the city of Larnaca will also be positively affected. Our new bus routes, which have already been put into operation, will be increased by 20% compared to previous years. 

With the implementation of the new contract, new methods of informing the public in real time will be introduced, with electronic screens in smart bus stops, as well as through the new website of OSEA that has just been launched. The additional creation of a new mobile application and the further co-operation of our Organization with existing platforms, such as "Cyprus Bus" by Motion, will also provide faster and more accurate information to our passengers.   

Thank you once again for your continuous support since the creation of our Organization in 2010. We promise you that our goal will continue to be our continuous development and the best possible service to you! 

Together we continue…